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Dive Equipment / Re: New camera for my birthday
« Last post by Pacific State 808 on August 02, 2012, 06:20:11 AM »
Congratulations on the new camera and Happy Birthday......

So when is the next dive trip !! When do we get to see the results from our new camera.....

Have fun with it.....
Dive Equipment / New camera for my birthday
« Last post by Kiknads on August 02, 2012, 12:01:24 AM »
My wife and family upgraded my dive camera for me :)

unwrapped a sealife dc1400, definately going to make a big difference between 5 second flash refresh and .1 second flash refresh, and 7.1 - 14 megapixels

its almost as if they knew what I wanted /wink

Now I just need to plan a trip to use it
np John.. it seems to be quite the topic on Trip advisor whether or not to go there..
I know the Brits have  a bit more to lose if they aren't happy with the choice, as they usually go for two weeks or more.. and I am always baffled by  how many of them go on the Havana trip, rather than book a resort  closer to the city than Holguin.
There does seem to be change in the air in the Cuban resorts, and it remains to be seen whether it is a good thing or bad.. imho
my apologies for the delay in posting this Karen, but it's finally up!
Cuba / Re: Barcelo has left the Island of Cayo Santa Marie
« Last post by flopnfly on July 10, 2012, 06:58:04 PM »
Sunwing has taken over a lot of properties this yeat, and renamed them "Memories".
Cuba / Re: Barcelo has left the Island of Cayo Santa Marie
« Last post by bmnichol on July 09, 2012, 06:35:28 AM »
Hmmm, I was reading on the link that someone sent to me on Facebook that the new owners were part of the Gaviota group and were Cuban. I wonder if they are tossing other nationalities out again?

I really enjoyed the resort. It was a nice place. There was a lot of sprucing up being done in some of the buildings that were closed for the low season.
Cuba / Barcelo has left the Island of Cayo Santa Marie
« Last post by Bebbie on July 08, 2012, 08:31:55 PM »
Was wondering that too. 
We considered going there this past winter with our grandson (travel agent recommended it), but his mom wouldn't okay the trip.  Think it was because she wanted to go and knew she couldn't get the time off. 
Brenda went recently and it sounded like a really nice place.
It's available under the new ownership through Nolitours, but unable to get a price for 2013.
Cuba / Re: Barcelo has left the Island of Cayo Santa Marie
« Last post by flopnfly on July 08, 2012, 07:43:34 PM »
Wow, so many changes in resort ownership this year.

I wonder how it will affect service and amenities.
Diving / Re: Silky's !
« Last post by Pacific State 808 on June 24, 2012, 02:30:50 AM »
The dive guides were really against me going in with the Silkys at first, they are one of the most intelligent sharks and are very clever thinkers. I used the hull of the boat to give me a protection from one side of the sharks and I had a rope around my waste and the slack of the rope was controlled by another diver inside the boat so that the swell of the waves didn't push me out into open water. Silkys are cunning like a fox, they will try to get you alone and seperated in the water and they would take advantage of the situation, they are absolutely fearless of humans which is rare for sharks, very curious and inquisitive.

It was really good to see them so close, lovely animals.
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