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Author Topic: You think you have airport problems?  (Read 2598 times)

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You think you have airport problems?
« on: August 04, 2006, 05:34:00 AM »
Reprinted without permission from
 More fog threatens airport, Kiwis delayed in Hong Kong
 04 August 2006  
 Fog was again threatening to cloak Auckland airport this afternoon after disrupting 5000 passengers, over 50 domestic and five international flights earlier in the day.
 "It's actually gone a bit marginal again," an airport spokeswoman said.
 "It's looking very misty."
 She said while no more flights were affected so far, airport staff were keeping a close eye on the fog.
 Air New Zealand said it was working hard to clear the backlog caused by 53 domestic flight cancellations this morning.
 Flights had returned to normal, and there were no more fog-driven delays so far, spokeswoman Rosie Paul said.
 Bad weather in Hong Kong also forced an Air New Zealand flight and two Cathay Pacific flights to and from New Zealand to be cancelled last night when a typhoon disrupted 50,000 passengers and 200 flights at Hong Kong airport.
 Cathay Pacific NZ/Pacific manager David Figgins said more than 450 passengers were affected when a New Zealand flight to Hong Kong was diverted to Singapore and the return flight was unable to leave Hong Kong.
  Flights had returned to normal today but the airline was now trying to get 28,000 people out of Hong Kong.
 Air New Zealand said 140 passengers plus crew remained in Manila in a hotel today after being diverted yesterday, waiting to continue their journey to Hong Kong.
 At least 20 international flights to Hong Kong were diverted to the Philippines.
 Would you like to be the airport staff dealing with 28,000 stranded passengers?
I'm confused, no wait... maybe I'm not...

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