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Author Topic: Raining in Holguin  (Read 2834 times)


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Raining in Holguin
« on: June 10, 2006, 05:30:00 AM »
This article is from the website of Radio Holguin:
 Raining in Holguin, welcome!
 After undergoing an intense and persistant drought, Holguin is singing in the rain, it is like winning the World Soccer Cup
 Holguin, Cuba. - The recent rains in Holguin have been qualified by specialists as the best in years, as it was undergoing one of the longest droughts in the history of this north-eastern Cuban Province.
 So far in the year, the rain average (415 millimeters -74 percent of its historical average) is still below when compared to other years; nevertheless, it is the best during the last decade that experienced a significant decrease.
 Urbano Noris municipality ranks first in Holguin province scale with 111 percent of its average; then Cacocum and Rafael Freyre municipalities come next, also over the traditional medium.
 Rain distribution has also been better this time for the largest rains there fell over the northern and central zone of Holguin province, the most populated ones.
 The municipalities of Moa, Frank Pais and Mayari -to the east- today show the poorest rainy levels while Holguín, the province capital, is at the 86 percent of its historical rains during the first semester, with two of the three dams that supply the city with water (Cacoyuguin and Guirabo) at full capacity.
 Ardenis Pablo Rodríguez
 Radio Angulo Digital 09/06/06

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