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Author Topic: Suunto introduces new Cobra3 and Vyper air dive computers  (Read 3281 times)

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Suunto introduces new Cobra3 and Vyper air dive computers
« on: January 09, 2009, 08:38:16 AM »
Suunto unveils the new Suunto Vyper Air
Easily access your diving data while underwater with the new Suunto Vyper Air. This comfortable dive computer features optional wireless air integration for monitoring tank pressure from your wrist or console, as well as an electronic 3D compass that tilts up to 45 degrees in any direction.
  Learn more about the Suunto Vyper Air

Introducing the new Suunto Cobra3
Get the essential information you need to make your next dive a success with the new Suunto Cobra3 dive computer. This full-featured decompression dive computer console features an all-new electronic 3D compass that tilts up to 45 degrees in any direction, and an easy-to-read matrix display with simplified four-button operation.
  Find out more about the Suunto Cobra3!-132978029!-1537703185&CONTENT%3C%3Ecnt_id=10134198674743142

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Re: Suunto introduces new Cobra3 and Vyper air dive computers
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2009, 04:32:08 AM »
I really like Suunto and what they have done regarding dive computers over the years. I have used one for many years but I have just swapped over to using a Uwatec (Scubapro) Galileo Sol computer.
I wanted to move away from the standard pressure gauge and go for the wireless air intergration facilty, one less hose to deal with and also the wireless facility will work out your actual bottom time from the reamining air left in your cylinder.

I tried many of the new Suunto's, with the conclusion I would go for the D9, but when I tested it on 2 dives the wireless air intergration was poor at the best of times. I was really disapointed, on both dives the signal was lost for long periods of the dive and after that I just didnt have the faith in the technology.

I then tried the Galileo Sol and it's an awesome computer, the wireless air intergration works like a dream, I can even install another transmitter onto my buddys first stage and also track their air consumption as well as mine from the wrist console. If your looking for a new computer I can highly recommend the Galileo Sol.